Haircuts can be as simple as a routine trim or as elaborate as a complete hair makeover. They are offered in a wide range of styles and lengths to cater to diverse preferences, and the expertise of our skilled hairstylists is essential to achieving the desired look.

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Clipper Cut

Starting at $27

(Formerly Men’s Cut) This is our extra short hair option. Clippers are the main tool with scissor finishing on the top. A quick cut, not requiring blowdrying or styling. Typically great for barbering or short hair.

Precision Haircut

Starting at $35

(Formerly Short Ladies Cut) This is for short hair using scissors and involves precise detailing. This also includes pixie cuts and requires blowdry or styling.

Mid-length/Long Haircut

Starting at $50

This is for medium length hair at the collar bone to mid-back. Includes long bobs.

Extra Long/Thick Haircut

Starting at $65

This is for longer hair, mid-back or thick/high density hair. Includes extension clients. Extra time is needed.

Transformation Haircut

Starting at $65

This involves a substantial and dramatic change to an individuals hairstyle, resulting in a completely new and often dramatic look. This type of haircut often involves cutting a substantial length of hair and restyling.

Curl Transformation Haircut

Starting at $65

This focuses on enhancing or dramatically altering the texture, shape, and overall appearance of natural curls or waves. The process may involve cutting, layering, or texturizing the hair to achieve the desired curl pattern and volume. Additionally, the use of specialized techniques and products can help address frizz, define curls, and enhance the overall health and vibrancy of curly hair. This is perfect for new curly hair guests!

Curl Maintenance

Starting at $50

Specifically designed to upkeep the health and appearance of natural curls. During this appointment, the primary focus is on trimming the hair to eliminate split ends and maintain the desired shape and style of the curls. This is great for returning guests.

Bang Trim

Starting at $16

This is a 10 minute appointment to trim a grown out bang. This is done on dry hair. This service does NOT include a wash or style.

Beard Trim

Starting at $16

This is a 10 minute appointment or add-on that includes a clipper or beard tidy/trim.

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