Balayage, a highly sought-after hair colouring technique that is renowned for its ability to create a beautifully natural, sun-kissed effect by seamlessly blending colours. Balayage’s versatility shines as it allows for a customized look, spanning from subtle highlights to bold, dramatic colour shifts. This technique is equally effective on various hair lengths and textures, offering a low-maintenance style that gracefully grows out.

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*HairEnve is a SalonScale Salon. This means that you only pay for the colour that is measured out and used for your custom colour. This is a separate cost that depends on the length and thickness of the hair and cannot be priced before the service is complete.*
**These starting prices are only estimates based on average colour use and do not include a haircut, blowdry/style or treatments. For a more accurate estimate tailored to your specific needs, please, please fill out our consultation form.**

Specialty Balayage

Starting at $175

Our Specialty Balayage includes customized foil placement, tips outs and/or wet balayage, shadow root with custom toner/gloss.

Best for: those who are looking for a total transformation, looking to be as blonde as possible or wanting to transition to a lower maintenance look.


Starting at $150

Our Traditional Balayage is a very versatile hair colouring technique that can work for a wide range of hair types and individuals.

Best for: those seeking to add dimension and create a lived-in, softer grow-out effect. This technique gently blends colours, resulting in a naturally evolving transition as your hair grows, making it ideal for those who prefer a low-maintenance, effortlessly chic look.

Half Head Balayage

Starting at $135

A touch up/maintenance of your existing balayage, designed to achieve a beautifully natural grow out. Includes customized placement (top half of the head only) and a custom toner/gloss.

Best for: those who are looking to maintain their colour.

Money Piece and Hairline/Partial Balayage

Starting at $125

This service is designed for maintenance between appointments, focusing on placing highlights along the part line and the hairline around the face. Includes customized foil placement (top half of the head only) and a custom toner/gloss.

Best for: those who are looking to maintain their colour.

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