Beauty infused with
experience and creativity.

Beauty infused with experience and creativity.

At Hair Enve, we believe that your hair is an expression of your unique style and personality. Step into our world, where we transform your hair dreams into stunning realities. We are more than just a salon – we are your go-to destination for the latest in hair styling trends and techniques.

Here at Hair Enve, We aim to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment, allowing you to relax and enjoy your visit. Our knowledgeable and skilled staff is committed to ensuring that you not only leave looking your best – but feeling your absolute best.

So, come on in and unwind in our cozy setting, designed with your comfort in mind. We’ve created a space just for you to relax and enjoy a moment of pampering.

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Introducing Brandy, the heart and soul of our salon! As both owner and stylist, Brandy is deeply committed to the success and happiness of her team. With over a decade of experience and a passion for all things beauty, she infuses her creative vision and dedication into every aspect of the salon.

Brandy’s mission is simple: to create an inviting space where guests not only receive great service but also leave feeling empowered and beautiful.

Beyond her role in the salon, Brandy is a dedicated mom to twin boys and a loving fur mom to Percy, the Great Dane, and her adorable French bulldogs, Daisy and Dolly. Her family brings her boundless joy and inspiration, fueling her drive to excel both personally and professionally.

Outside of work, Brandy enjoys exploring new destinations through travel, as well as indulging in friendly card games and a bonfire with her friends and family.

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With a passion for making people feel good and developing meaningful relationships with her clients, Abby brings a warm and welcoming energy to the salon. Since starting her journey in the hair industry in 2022, Abby has dedicated herself to the art of blonding, lived-in color, barbering, and fashion colours.

Abby’s passion for connecting with people extends beyond the salon chair. She takes joy in building lasting relationships with her clients, ensuring that each visit is not just a hair appointment but a chance to connect and uplift spirits.

Outside of the salon, Abby finds solace and joy in the great outdoors, particularly when she’s fishing. Immersed in nature, Abby finds inspiration and rejuvenation, which she brings back to the salon, infusing her work with a fresh perspective and boundless creativity.

Book your appointment with Abby today and experience the transformative power of her artistry and the genuine care she brings to every client interaction.

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With over a decade of experience in the hair industry, Alex brings creativity and expertise to every styling or cutting session. Since 2009, he has honed his skills with a particular focus on cutting and styling, making him a master of his craft. He loves building lasting relationships and ensuring every individual leaves feeling confident.

Outside of his passion for hair, Alex is also a devoted fur parent to Kevin, his three-legged kitty.

Alex is dedicated to making you look and feel your best. Schedule your appointment today and let Alex transform your hair while ensuring you feel right at home.

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Say hello to Emma, the color magician behind your next stunning transformation! With a love for blondes, balayage, coppers or fashion colours, she’ll work her magic to create a look that’s uniquely you.

Emma’s passion for colour runs deep, and her commitment to mastering her craft shines through in every appointment. Since she began her journey in the hair industry in 2018, Emma has dedicated herself to honing her skills and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques.

Outside of the salon, Emma finds solace and inspiration in the simple pleasures of life. Whether she’s curled up with a great book, exploring her creative side through crafting projects, or delving into the mysteries of tarot cards, Emma’s diverse interests enrich her life and work.

Emma is a devoted fur parent to Ohana, her husky companion, as well as Kitty and Callie, her two feline friends.

Book your appointment with Emma today and experience the transformative power of her artistry.

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Meet Kayla, our new talent stylist with a passion for hair and a heart of gold. Since she began her journey in the hair industry in 2022, With her warm personality and genuine care for others, Kayla brings joy to everyone she meets.

Outside of the salon, Kayla enjoys staying active and competitive on the volleyball court, immersing herself in the captivating world of books, and delving into the mysteries of true crime. Kayla is a loving fur mom to Roxy and Shelby, her two adorable companions.

With her sweet demeanor and genuine passion for making others feel beautiful inside and out, Kayla is dedicated to providing personalized care and attention to each and every client.

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From practicing on her three sisters at just four years old to pursuing her passion through a cosmetology class in high school, Yesenia’s journey with hair has been a lifelong love affair. Her formal career in hairstyling began in 2016, but her dedication to the craft started much earlier.

Yesenia’s love for hair is evident in her specialties, which include braiding, cutting, and styling natural curls, as well as creating stunning natural and blended balayages and fashion colours. Her passion for these areas shines through in every appointment, as she seeks to enhance her clients’ natural beauty and individuality.

Outside of the salon, Yesenia is a proud fur mom to Gabbie, the cutest and sweetest little pup.

Book your appointment with Yesenia today and experience her unparalleled dedication, creativity, and love for all things hair.

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Meet Daisy, our beloved salon dog who has been greeting clients since 2019. Daisy loves nothing more than being the center of attention, and she takes her role as official greeter very seriously.

From the moment you walk through the door, Daisy will be there to shower you with love and affection. Whether she’s snuggled up in your lap or fetching her favourite toy, her presence is sure to brighten your day.

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Introducing Dolly, the daughter of Daisy, has been gracing our salon with her gentle presence since 2022. While she may be a bit shy at first, Dolly is a sweetheart through and through.

Unlike her outgoing mother, Dolly prefers to let her affection shine in quieter moments. Though she may be reserved, Dolly prefers to be the one to make the first move.

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